[Market-farming] New *Free* Tools Allows Farmers Markets to Create a Map / Directory of Vendors

Simon Huntley simon.huntley at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 14:22:58 EDT 2011

Hi All!

Hope all is well wherever you are.

Just wanted to tell you about our latest tool; we are really excited about
it since it has been a couple years in the making.

Farming Faces is a tool for markets (and other groups of farmers) to set-up
a mini-website that maps the vendors at their market and includes a live
feed that connects to each farmer's facebook, twitter, a blog (if
available). The idea is that these sites will be kept constantly "fresh" by
capitalizing on the tools that are already being used.

I grew up on a farm and ran a CSA myself, so I know how hard it is to fit
marketing in between all the other activities on a farm. We didn't want to
create another point of failure and another "job" for farmers, so the
Farming Faces sites will maximize the return on investment for the marketing
time that farmers can spend on it.

Best of all, this service is *free* in support the other work we do with
farmers. This service will remain free although we will add advanced paid
services in the future.

Farmers market managers we have shown this to so far are really impressed
with how easy it is to use and what a powerful tool it is to market their
farmers. Just seeing a map of where all their vendors come from is really
interesting because they have never had a way to create a comprehensive map

If you want to see an example check this one out:

Get more info and sign-up for a tour of the service at:

We look forward to your feedback!

-Simon Huntley
Lead Developer. Small Farm Central, LLC
Websites and ecommerce for direct-marketing farmers
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