[Market-farming] sealing off drip tape

Wyatt Jones wyatt_jones at netzero.com
Thu Aug 4 07:29:37 EDT 2011

I've been using the method Bill describes and never had any problems.  You do need a knife but I always carry one anyway as I always seem to need one for something.  To be honest it never even occurred to me to tie a knot in the line but that looks like it takes more line and time to do, though not much.  I think the way I do it is probably easier to do and undo anyway.  It also makes for a cleaner looking end that won't snag on anything if you have to move it.  I might try Lucy's way next time I forgot my knife just to see how it works but I'll probably stick with "Bill's method" for the most part, its just too easy, quick, and effective to give up.
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