[Market-farming] sealing off drip tape

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Wed Aug 3 20:29:43 EDT 2011

We have been doing it Bill's way for years and it works like a charm- just a
knife and you're good to go.
And it slips off real easy when you want to drain it for the winter...

On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 6:31 PM, Barking Cat Farm <
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> Our drip tape runs are long (within the specs), and we aren't irrigating a
> great number of runs at any given time.  We used to use the method shown in
> the short video posted by Lucy, and it works great.  Might have to try what
> Bill suggested, as that might be a bit quicker for me personally to
> accomplish (anything that will get me out of the hotter-than-Africa Texas
> heat quicker by even a moment these days is worth it).  However, because we
> have need to flush our lines often due to heavy algae and iron bacteria
> issues with our pond, we use tape loc couplers with valves from dripworks.
>  That allows us to very quickly flush out the lines without having to
> wrestle with a pressured run of t-tape to untie the knot, flush, retie.
>  Maybe I'm just less coordinated that some of y'all, but that part never
> goes well for me.  I end up having to hike to the head end, shut off the
> water to that run, hike back down to the knotted end (did I mention we have
> long runs?), tie the knot, hike ba
>  ck up to the head end to turn the run back on.
> They are $1.55 each (less if bought in higher volumes), and maybe can be
> had for cheaper elsewhere.  Just thought I'd offer another method that might
> fit better for some folks' needs.  I realize ours won't be the popular
> method, as it costs more money.  But since we don't have to have a lot of
> them, since they can be reused over and over, and since they save us (right
> now) precious time in the field/heat, they work best for us.
> Laurie in NE TX, where we are, I _pray_, in our hottest week of the year.
>  If it gets any hotter, we might start spontaneously combusting.
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