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My wife has a cousin that lives at Langley on Whidbey Island, which by  
ferry wouldn't be a long way's away. JoAnn is always about their local  market. 
 You might check it out, I have never attended,but this is a high  end 
Phil from Iowa  

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I've been involved in three markets so far in my fledgling farm  career.  
One was marvelous but too far away, one was close but too small  and 
populated by a whole lot of crafts and resellers.  One was  experimental and shut 
down only half-way through its first season.  That  one was run by an 
organization that has another market, same town but  different day and location, 
which is actually one of our county's stronger  markets (it might actually be 
the strongest).  While I was at the  experimental market, I was invited to 
attend the bigger one as well.  We  didn't have enough production at that 
point so I said thanks but no  thanks.  With another market season well along 
and a few more lessons  learned along the way, I'm starting to mull whether I 
should explore attending  that larger market next year.  It's got some 
definite pro's and con's to  consider, including a number of items from the "how 
to kill a market" list  which circulated here not too long ago.  But it's 
also running strong and  has been for a number of years now.  So how do you 
folks  evaluate whether to attend any given market?  I sure don't want to make 
 plans now for next year at that market, only to end up sending an email 
this  time next year wailing "oh, GAWD, I was so dumb to think this would  
work!"  Wish I could find a market that combined all the ideal  conditions, but 
this one might be the next best thing.  Suggestions for  how to prove out 
the idea?
Kathryn Kerby
Snohomish,  WA

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