[Market-farming] Crows and other birds...

John Ferree john at seldomseenfarm.com
Tue Aug 2 05:54:04 EDT 2011

Thanks for the suggestions. . . that is actually what I did prior to 
emailing - even if it took three hours to get one crow.  They are 
certainly still around, but we're carrying a shotgun in the harvest 
truck and regularly blasting at them to let them know there is hunting 
pressure.  Can't tell if we're having an affect yet.  It does seem like 
crows are going into an odd scavenging mode around here.  We haven't had 
rain for a month and it's been 90+ most days.  Deer are moving in as 
water dries up. . . and we're got a few potholes in the creek that are 
still holding water.  My guess is we'll be taking more damage from 
wildlife than most years since row crops went in soooo late and have not 
developed anything edible for lack of water.

Seldom Seen Farm <http://www.seldomseenfarm.com/>
Danville, IN
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