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> Our partner farm's neighborhood has wandering dogs too, and I keep threatening to string field fence around our growing area and be done with it. 

We did just that last year.  Turns out the neighbor hound dog, one of the main culprits we were aiming to keep off the property, is a digger and found a low spot to dig under.  It still keeps him from coming on as much as he used to, but we are working towards a better deterrent.  There is another place where it looks like a dog has dug under a low spot.  We're thinking of stringing a hot wire all the way around (underground at the gates) couple inches off the ground using t-post stand-off type insulators and keeping it hot with a solar charger we have.  This has worked well for our deer fencing, and I recently read on one of these lists, not sure if it was this one, that it's a good deterrent for feral hogs.  We don't have those yet, but it's just a matter of time.  If anybody has a better solution for "diggers" (aside from shooting or trapping, which we may end up having to resort to if the hotwire doesn't work), we'd love to hear it.

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