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Sat Apr 30 18:27:51 EDT 2011

We've been battling the drought here in Oklahoma. We got 3" of rain Sunday, and that's the first rain we'd had since February.Yesterday we had dust blowing again.
This winter we put in a 2" water line from the meter out to fields and installed 9 frost free hydrants. We are now able to water everything. 
Water, or lack of water pressure has always been a problem for us. In years past I could run 4 drip lines at a time. On 5 acres it was impossible to water everything. Now, I can water everything! The down side of course is we are in a drought, and we had a 750 dollar water bill, and it's only April.
We tell ourselves we have to spend money to make money. If we hadn't watered we wouldn't have anything to take to market. Market sales are down this year. We don't have the crowd coming through and we don't know why. It's affecting all the vendors, not just us, so we are all a little worried.
As bad as the drought is though, I'd rather have this than too much rain. We've had those years before, and there is nothing you can do. I hope those who have had to much rain dry out soon, and that we all have a profitable season.

Perkins, OK

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