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Our farm is three different levels: wooded hillside, a small table a the base of the slope, and flood plain.  The entire area is glacial deposit with a loamy topsoil.  Four feet below the surface is a 120 ft deep run of gravel and glacial fractured rock.  We drain quickly.  A single day of sun and breeze will dry the soil enough to work.

The flood plain is still flooded with some areas covered in a thick goo of sediment, sand drifts, and river trash while most is still under 2 to 15 feet of water.  Assuming no more flooding and average rainfall AND clean-up we will not planting on this ground till mid-May.  We are a mixed use farm and much of this ground is pasture that can handle the flood.  Some is non-organic, non-convetional zero spray ground for the potatoes (5 acres this year if we can), some of it is wooded trail and river bank for our boarding operation and the rest is conventional ground for corn and soybeans...about the only way to be able to grow anything once the giant ragweed, johnson grass, and pig weed starts growing.

Richard Stewart
Carriage House Farm
North Bend, Ohio

An Ohio Century Farm Est. 1855

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