[Market-farming] is the list quiet

Mike Rock mikerock at mhtc.net
Sat Apr 30 00:01:52 EDT 2011

A quiet night for sure.  Valerie is up in the barn seeing Dayspring, a 
500# American Mulefoot sow through another litter being born.  One boy, 
one girl so far.  She has her coveralls on and her sleeping bag.  The 
first several days she sleeps with the moms and kids.  No farrowing 
crate, just a large dedicated stall for birthing.  Clean hay and a happy 
mom pig.

It is amazing to see the little guys grab a teat within sixty seconds of 
hitting the ground.  They can barely get their little mouth around it. 
Those wolf teeth help them hang on!  Ouch!

Other than that, this is the first day we we have seen blue sky.  Just 
hauled another McCormick-Deering grain binder home, no fixing needed. 
Just hook up the team and go.  Moved the Port Huron thresher back here 
two days ago.


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