[Market-farming] Pigs again!!!

Wyatt Jones wyatt_jones at netzero.com
Tue Apr 19 20:50:15 EDT 2011

My Neighbors pigs invaded again, I caught them out in my beds and called the sheriff.  They were out in the asparagus, it doesn't look like they did any damage there even though they rooted in other places I saw.  Its hard to tell because we had so much rain the last few days that its flooded everywhere. All my neighbors seem to think I'm the jerk but I'm not the one causing the problems.   The animal problems, meaning the neighbors animals, are getting pretty bad.  Just a couple of days ago I had to call animal control again on another neighbors dogs for what must be the tenth time this year.  They were out digging up stuff in my garden as well.  I've been reporting all this stuff, been reporting those dogs for over two years now, but it hasn't seemed to do much good yet.  All these people seem to think their animals have a right to roam my property even though they know its against the law.  The guy with the dogs I spoke of is a retired sheriff's detective himself and the rumor is that he shot a deceased neighbor's dog when it crossed HIS property LOL.  I'll be glad when I can afford a fence but that won't be for a while I'm afraid.  In the mean time I have Animal Control and the sheriff on speed dial and the neighbors hate me LOL.  Oh well not much I can do except start suing these people or move I guess.  None of them are farmers and I don't think they realize how serious a problem this is for me.  I have some problems with deer, raccoons and rabbits but they are minor compared with the domestic animals  around here.  I tried checking out the area for problems like this before I moved in but you never get the real picture until you are in the thick of it.


Jamestown, Ohio
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