[Market-farming] Grow Mycorrhizal Fungi to Save the Earth

Marty Kraft martyk at allspecies.org
Tue Apr 19 16:58:52 EDT 2011

Here is a message i sent out locally around Kansas City. Adapt to  
your circumstances. Thanks
To Many

I challenge you to grow mycorrhizal fungi to begin raising the carbon  
content of your soil and lowering the CO2 in the atmosphere. If you  
have no occasion to plant anything at least educate yourself on the  
subject in you haven't already. Ask your food provider if mycorrhizal  
fungi were used in growing your vegetables.

I will give you some bahia grass seed to start the fungi growing  
process. See latest video

More info at

If you have already grown or are growing mycorrhizal fungi please let  
me know how it is going.

Marty Kraft

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