[Market-farming] Garlic concentrate for Asparagus beetles

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All the yrs I have done this in gardens I have never had a problem with
coons and we do have coons. It maybe the hydrolized fish
because it doesn't smell very long as using fish that has been cooked, also
when I was Rep. I didn't have store owners complain
about that.  Use a light mist when spraying plants, just enough wet them so
not much goes on the ground. Just some ideas.

On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 1:28 PM, Dave or Kathy Campbell <
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>  Another caution about fish or fish/kelp fertilizers: they attract
> raccoons.  I’ve thought I was feeding my plants with that stuff and came out
> the next morning to find them all dug up and trashed by coons who were
> looking for the fish!
> ==Dave Campbell / Tifin IA / Zone 5
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> Charlie,
> Do you have to be careful about when you apply a solution with the fish in
> it?  I recall someone telling me that I need apply it late in the day, so as
> to avoid burning by the fish emulsion.
> Kurt Forman
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