[Market-farming] Supermarket saying take back what doesn't sell

SaladG at aol.com SaladG at aol.com
Sat Apr 16 10:11:17 EDT 2011

Karen I grew up in this direct marketing business many years ago in the  
Dairy industry, and every product has code for pick up and return, and in that 
 business up gave credit back for the product that was not sold according 
to the  code.  We have always done the same thing our produce products, I 
want to  make sure that every product sold is at it freshest stage, so we pick 
up  anything that is past code or close to date code and give the customer a 
return  ticket for this product, the returns are very small amount of the 
total dollars  of sales.  
Phil from Iowa
_www.timberridgelamb.com_ (http://www.timberridgelamb.com/) 
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