[Market-farming] Garlic concentrate for Asparagus beetles

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I have used garlic concentrate on plants for 20 yrs., this is what I
notice.  Garlic Barrier gallons 100:1 and a more concentrated garlic that is
carried by Neptunes Harvest have worked the best for me. You need to start
early and I have found the best way to do it
is to mix the garlic with hydrolized fish or fish/seaweed. Use thes mixes
every 2 weeks.  I use a 200:1 mix and 2ozs. fish/seaweed
mix. You need to continue all season and there is no taste of garlic. By
doing this you repel the bugs and break up their breeding cycle.
I have one set of gardens we have done for many years and there is very
little bug problem, but these plants have very high sugar
content. We have expanded a 1/4 mile down the road with 2 acres now and we
have a bug problem, but our sugars are not as high.
Potatoe & cucumber beetles have been the hardest to repel.
Garlic takes a few hours to be absorb in the plant but mixing it with fish
or fish/seaweed it is absorbed in a very short time ( some studies say 30
min.) so it will last depending on rain after it is used.
Hope this helps.

On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 6:56 AM, Thomas P Hurtgen
<hurtgenmeadows at gmail.com>wrote:

> Can anyone share experience with using  liquid garlic concentrate
> (diluted with water) to chase asparagus beetles and other crop
> injurious bugs from asparagus and other vegetables?  The product
> description says that use of  liquid garlic concentrate does not
> impart any garlic taste to treated veggies and lasts for about 10 days
> of protection.  Thank you for any experience/advice that you can
> share?  Tom
> Thomas P Hurtgen. zone 7b
> hurtgenmeadows at gmail.com
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