[Market-farming] recommended printers

Barking Cat Farm barkingcatfarm at mindspring.com
Thu Apr 14 17:56:00 EDT 2011

> I am partial to HP as a printer manufacturer.  They have generally
> reliable printer, except at the very low-end.

This has been our experience as well. I have a B&W HP LaserJet I bought new in '91 and it's still going strong. Bought a MICR cartridge for it and use it for check creation and for general use. It's way faster than the many inkjets I've had in the same timeframe that it has far outlived. I also now have an HP inkjet that came "free" with my MacBook a few years back. The quality is pretty fair and it doesn't burn through ink cartridges that quickly, but it misfeeds wickedly easily. 

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