[Market-farming] Recommended printers?

Owsley lucy boulderbelt at embarqmail.com
Thu Apr 14 05:45:36 EDT 2011

Lexmark has cheap printers but expensive ink and thus in the long run  
you will spend far more on printer and ink than if you got a more  
expensive printer that does not use nearly as much ink and the ink is  
cheaper as Lexmark ink is about the most expensive on the market. i  
have found canon has good printers and the ink is cheap as long as  
you stay away from the Pixma line (I have one of these and it is a  
really nice ink jet printer but the ink is rather expensive and does  
run through it pretty quickly, oh and there is so far no one making  
decent off brand inks for this unit yet) but most canon printers sell  
ink in individual colors so you can get a magenta cartridge, Cyan,  
etc.. instead of  being forced to buy all the colors in one unit (and  
one never uses the 3 colors evenly so there is always waste with the  
3 in one color cartridges). HP is another good brand.

I have only owned one laser printer (color) and it died within 4  
months and did a terrible job printing labels. IIRC it was a Samsung  
it was really cheap (under $250) and it was bad.

Rich i love your idea of getting a B&W laser printer and preprinted  
colored labels with the product area left blank and printing that  
part yourself, brilliant.

Lucy Goodman
Boulder Belt Eco-Farm
Eaton, OH
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