[Market-farming] health department

Dakota Harvest Lamb info at dakotaharvestfarm.com
Wed Apr 13 14:44:15 EDT 2011

Our local health Gestapo has also interpreted the rules to the extent that
all vendors selling frozen meat have to have them powered. I was not going
to pay the extra $250 for electrical access, so I bought a 12V inverter and
plug my freezer into it. The freezer is connected to power, rules do not say
how long freezer is to maintain freezing temps. I imagine if the freezer
ever kicked on, the battery power would not last very long. I turn the temp
on the freezer up all the way so it will never kick on. 
Inverter was $49 and battery $49. I do have outside temp monitors that
display inside freezer temps and add ice as the meat is sold. 

I passed the health Gestapo inspection.

Just have to be smarter then the average health Gestapo agent

South dakota

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