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Rob Wallbridge rob at songberry.ca
Mon Apr 11 13:52:18 EDT 2011

Happy spring everyone,


While waiting for the fields to dry after last night's torrential rains
(which just about eliminated the last of our snow), I'm planning the
construction of a new vegetable washing/packing building, which will be next
to the shipping container we're burying in a hillside to act as a walk-in
cooler. There was a great discussion in early February regarding washing
station layout and design, but I thought I'd bring it up again with a couple
specific questions: 

1)       I'm looking for a sense of how large an area to devote to a
washing/packing area that will probably incorporate one or two u-shaped
layouts, incorporating dunk sinks or spray tables, followed by a weigh
station and a bagging/boxing table. Storage for harvest bins, harvest tools,
and packaging materials is another consideration.

2)       Flooring. I'm debating between a concrete pad that either drains
off one (unused side) into a grassy area or incorporates one or two central
drains with tiles running out to the grassy area; or a wooden deck that
allows water to drain into the sandy ground beneath it. Pros and cons? 

To provide context, I'm growing about 6 acres of vegetables - a pretty wide
variety, though with more focus on space-hungry and low-labour crops like
squash than labour-intensive greens (I'm space-rich and time-poor!).


Thanks in advance,



Rob Wallbridge

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