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Roots Farm karen at rootsfarm.info
Mon Apr 11 12:54:05 EDT 2011

JUST after I choked and bought replacement inks here in Dominica for megabucks for my Canon MX700, the printer died.  Fixing it more expensive than buying new (immoral) and would require bringing back to U.S..  We use the printer for labels for our produce that sometimes get wet at market.  Does anyone have a recommended printer/scanner/copier model:
	that comes with or can use waterproof inks (hopefully, sparingly) and 
	that maybe has separate cartridges for all colors (our logo uses up yellow and magenta way before cyan) and also for black  and
	that seems sturdy/reliable with potential for a long life
	that has reasonable print speeds
	that is Mac compatible?

My previous Epson C-84 met all those qualifications -- except for long life.  Got caught by a CSS Counter Reset message that can't resolve.

Thanks and best wishes to all,


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