[Market-farming] Request for quote :)

Mike Rock mikerock at mhtc.net
Fri Apr 8 23:48:33 EDT 2011

Hi all,
I just received this shopping list from a Polish restaurant in Chicago.
How does one supply this with organic or 'responsibly' grown produce. 
Obviously I cannot meet her needs for much of this from here in the 
north (SW Wisconsin).  A case of leeks per week?  Yikes....  And this is 
only ONE restaurant that needs supplies.  This is a real eye opener to 
me.  The reality of large scale warehousing, California supply chains, 
shipping and logistics all come into rather terrifying focus.

Here is her list:

"Leeks case each week from May through October, then one case every other
Carrot 40 pounds a week, may through October then every other week
Zuchinni 20 pounds a week, may through October
Potatoes 40 pounds a week
Onions 20 pounds a week
Spinach, case per week, more during May through October
Mixed greens a case a week

Also I go through a lot of rhubarb, blueberries, cranberries, and apples all
year round, I take the cranberries and blueberries and freeze them.

Hope that helps"

This is way beyond farmers market type stuff, and is the day to day 
reality of vegetable supply.

I hope this becomes an interesting topic for discussion.

Most respectfully,
Mike Rock

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