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Refrigeration is just the process of cooling.  It is not specific to method.  Back in the day, home refrigerators were cooled with ICE.  Today, fish are cooled and held under "refrigeration" with ICE.  A cooler with ICE is refrigeration.  The West Virginia regulations (and I have just read them) specify that the intention is to comply with Federal Regulations (that would be the 45 degrees).  West Virginia added the term "refrigeration" to their rendition of the regulation, but a cooler with ice is a method of refrigeration as long as the air in the cooler stays cold enough.  I'm sure that inspectors often do not understand that coolers with ice do comply with the actual regulations.  Sounds like someone needs to clarify this.  (my two cents)
I do agree that market management must be up to snuff with these issues and have a good working relationship with the Dept. of Agriculture and other regulatory bodies in the state so that farmers markets can be supported by the state and not hampered.  This is local business and local business is good for the local economy and the state.
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