[Market-farming] the Health Department at the Market

Paul St. John stjohn36g at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 6 19:01:31 EDT 2011

In Illinois the counties each have a health department, one in particular  wanted the same requirement of mechanical refrigeration  for our eggs and meat. A group sat down with the rule maker and inspectors to iron out the pros and cons, what ended up was as long as refrigeration was accomplished by any means from the start to finish of market ice was OK. In essence they realized that their was not any wording in the current laws  for them to make such a demand. We use multiple chests to accomplish this, we also fill 2 liter bottles with saturated salt solution and put it in the -20 F freezer, salt water freezes at a  much lower temp,Those baby's stay cold throughout the day and do not  sweat like just plain water, they just have frost on them.We learned the hard way that plain ice thaws frozen meats.
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