[Market-farming] The Health Department at the Market

Allan Balliett allan.balliett at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 22:43:54 EDT 2011

My apologies if this has been discussed recently and I missed it in the

It's that time of year.

Market started this past Sunday and inspectors from the health department
came to the market.

They have taken issue with;

packaged goat cheese on ice instead of powered fridge

eggs in cooler with ice instead of powered fridge

USDA inspected cyrovacced frozen meat in cooler instead of powered freezer

Our state health laws state that eggs must be stored so that they are not
above 42 degrees. I know most markets allow coolers and I assume most health
departments expect the 43 degree temp. Our health department says that only
a powered fridge will 'assure' that temperature.

I know some of you have even more repressive health departments.

I'm just checking reality and seeing how other states (counties, really!)
handle cheese, frozen meats, and eggs.


-Allan in WV
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