[Market-farming] Rototiller problems

michelle rome michelleann7 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 3 23:09:57 EDT 2011

Joe wrote:
> My one year old Earthquake rear-tine 196cc rototiller is
> having
> problems. I started hearing some rattling in the gearbox /
> transmission area last fall after hitting a few grapefruit
> sized
> rocks. The noise is especially noticeable when I "shift"
> from forward
> to reverse.
> I could live with the noise except this spring it seems to
> have lost
> it's forward drive power. While the tines seem to have less
> torque
> than they did when new, they still work at maybe 75%
> capacity.
> However, the forward drive (the wheels) seem to have lost
> 75% of their
> power. They can't pull the tiller over even smallish
> irregularities
> for example.
> I realize the rattling and the loss of power may be
> unrelated. Is it
> possible the belts wore out in a year's time? Or is it more
> likely I
> have transmission problems?
> I'm frustrated that a $750 machine could break within a
> year being
> used as it was intended! And this one was advertised as
> being
> "professional" quality, all steel, rugged, yadda, yadda...
> Any mechanics out there who could offer an opinion?
> Joe
> Boone County, IA
> 5a

Joe take off the tine gangs on the shaft (both sides) and check the keyways for out of round - might need some new keys.

Try this first.

Good luck.

Michelle Hromyak
Romy Farms SC

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