[Market-farming] Rototiller problems

Thamnophis thamnophis at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 22:28:21 EDT 2011

Hope this isn't too far off topic -

My one year old Earthquake rear-tine 196cc rototiller is having
problems. I started hearing some rattling in the gearbox /
transmission area last fall after hitting a few grapefruit sized
rocks. The noise is especially noticeable when I "shift" from forward
to reverse.

I could live with the noise except this spring it seems to have lost
it's forward drive power. While the tines seem to have less torque
than they did when new, they still work at maybe 75% capacity.
However, the forward drive (the wheels) seem to have lost 75% of their
power. They can't pull the tiller over even smallish irregularities
for example.

I realize the rattling and the loss of power may be unrelated. Is it
possible the belts wore out in a year's time? Or is it more likely I
have transmission problems?

I'm frustrated that a $750 machine could break within a year being
used as it was intended! And this one was advertised as being
"professional" quality, all steel, rugged, yadda, yadda...

Any mechanics out there who could offer an opinion?

Boone County, IA

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