[Market-farming] moon at ceva.net

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at outlands.ca
Sun Oct 31 22:28:04 EDT 2010

sora at coldreams.com wrote:
>>   Could we all delete old strings when posting? Finding new posts is
>> cumbersome on this list.
>>   Thanks, ann zone7,Va
> Could we...please o please.....
>                       Sora still in the prehistoric times of dial-up

The Netiquette dictates quotes to be trimmed precisely for that reason.
 However, you cannot delete the entire quotation history.  You need to
leave at least enough context so that your reply make sense on its own.

One of the big problem with top-posting is that people do not bother
with trimming the quotation history.  Inlining the comment, or replying
at the bottom, promote good habit in this regard.  Moreover, it helps
make sense of the conversation by giving the reply a context.

Anyway, no big deal, just my 0.02$.


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