[Market-farming] job search.

Gary Brever gjbrever at midwestinfo.net
Fri Oct 29 14:01:35 EDT 2010

Does anyone have any good leads as to where I could advertise the following
position nationwide?


Ploughshare Farm


Crew Supervisor- Ploughshare Farm, a 400 member CSA in Alexandria MN, is now
hiring for a Field Crew Supervisor. Primary duties include harvest
management and field crew supervision. A minimum of three seasons on a
diversified vegetable farm is required. Supervisory experience strongly
preferred. Compensation: A competitive hourly wage (based upon experience),
housing in a 3 bedroom, split-logged home. Long-term job opportunities are a
possibility after a trial period of one year.   Couples and families are
welcome. For more information, contact Gary Brever, gjbrever at midwestinfo.net
www.ploughsharefarm.com   Application deadline: February 1st

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