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I think you've hit on a really important phenomenon Pam. Have you wondered
why local is so popular, even exceeding, in some peoples estimation, the
value of organic as a "marketing term"? I wonder if people are feeling they
need to recapture community. We have issues at the regional, state, federal
and global level assailing us constantly. The opportunity to participate in
something truly local, truly a community oriented activity, is getting more
scarce. Farmers Markets allow us to capture something that is essentially
community. Except for those who just buy-and-sell. But frankly, even they
are more local than the major news network anchors. I suspect this element
is an important part of the success of farmers markets. I'll bet it could be
developed much further. 



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On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 10:30 PM, michelle rome <michelleann7 at yahoo.com>

 I have seen folks go though change to buy one zucchini and one pie pumpkin
or two-more often than not. Then we have the talkers.Folks don't have money.
The ones that do have a bit of money are scared they will loose it. 


>From what I have experienced the Farmer's Markets are social outlets for
many. I live in extreme rural. People in my area use certain small
businesses and churches for such. I sell urban and see this pattern being
developed around the markets and welcome the instilling of this. This is one
reason that markets should consider a year round scheduling of some sort to
ensure it's longevity. This can grow into larger attendance and even with
meager purchases will help the farmer tremendously. Otherwise some other
place could "become" and the markets could lose their patterned appeal. 





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