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Harriet Allen hattie_allen at yahoo.com
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I have a relatively upscale clientele on the coast in Delaware.  I get $3 bunch for Hakurei turnips...but I always make them fairly large bunches of 8 or 10 if they are small.  This is only if the leaves are really nice and the turnips are young.   (Hakurei turnip seed is not that cheap.) For greens, I agree they should be large bunches since cooking them brings them down to nothing.  I sell them in at least one pound bunches but also cut off much of the worst of the stems first since I'm bagging them washed and delivering them.  For that I will charge $3 a bunch for the larger leaves and more for a juvenile-sized younger leaf.  I get $4 for a bag of triple-washed arugula and that weighs between  one-quarter and one-third pound depending on the size of the leaf.  
This may sound like a lot to charge, but this produce is very clean and younger than most of what you could get anywhere else. Much of it is grown under agribon on hoops to keep it bug-free and nice...especially the arugula.  I have no trouble getting the prices I charge and I think if I pay attention to the quality of what I'm growing and the post-harvest care that I can get higher prices.  Everything is washed and cooled immediately and kept cool and the life of the product is never less than a week.  I think that having a reputation for real quality stuff really helps me get a bigger dollar...at least that is my experience in this neck of the woods where people want to pour the arugula into a bowl and use it for salad without washing it, etc. (although legally, I would never suggest that they don't wash it).
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