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If what you want is bio char, aka charcoal there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

1. All wood burning is gasification. When burning wood the fuel is heated to a point where the gasses are released, the gasses are then burned. If you stop the process at the proper time the result is charcoal. 

2. Cheap is good, free is better.

3. There aint no magic. And this is nothing new. 

Jack Daniels for years featured the making of "rick burned charcoal' in their advertisments.
Hard maple logs were sawed to identical sized pieces, stacked in a precise patern, set on fire, and 
douced with water at the right moment to create their charcoal filter material for refining the booze.

Japan, and I think Germany, during WW II suffered from such a fuel shortages in the homelands  that their trucks and busses were equiped to run on the products of smoldering wood, hay, trash and garbage. 

The truckloads of trash collected at our "transfer station" (the dump) go to a facility where 
truckload after truckload of the stuff is worked into a smoldering heap, the gasses from which burn with a huge blue flame under an electric generating plant.

The take-away from all this is: Study a LOT before writing any checks.


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