[Market-farming] wood gassifiers for pto

Johnathan Yelenick yelenick at riseup.net
Tue Oct 19 00:56:26 EDT 2010


wow. recent casual net surfing yielded some interesting thoughts.  Check 
out this open source firm. Cool, cool stuff.

Use a g.e.k. to fuel an engine that's coupled to a pto, which employs 
the wood chipper used to chip your gek's fuel substrate.
Harvest the created biochar from the g.e.k. and put the biochar in the 
field shelterbelt coppice/pollard stand of Robina pseudoacacia and 
Quercus macrocarpa you established with an EQUIP-Organic Grant you won 
from the Natural Resource Conservation Service :) ...a shelterbelt-stand 
that serves as the substrate source for the gek and de facto global 
carbon sink.

Once a deep anthropic histosol is developed in the coppice food forest 
shelterbelt, the coppice/pollard should be producing like crazy 
providing more than enough biochar substrate, which then may go onto 
crop fields, which then produce like crazy (because of increased CEC, 
increased soil water holding capacity, and decreased bulk density) - 
bettering the quality of life for everyone in the community and 
integrating the bioregion ecologically.

Seems, naturally, like a self-enhancing cycle.  :)

There is this other local firm here in the Denver area that's making 
biochar machines too. But theirs are a little more pricey. 
http://www.biocharengineering.com/ How do you think these firms' 
products compare?  I'm especially interested in the quality and quantity 
of the compared biochar between both units.

looks like the biocharengineering unit doesn't capture the syngas or 
"woodgas" for mechanical work as the gek does.

Blacktail Farm
South Platte River Watershed

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