[Market-farming] high tunnel for sale

Richard Robinson rrobinson at nasw.org
Mon Oct 18 09:20:11 EDT 2010

If you subscribe to Growing For Market, and can wait a month, try there. My state's ag dept has a newsletter that take's classifieds; perhaps yours does? But Craigslist is definitely a good bet. Consider posting beyond your area--for that kind of capital expense, I'd expect many people would travel a state or so away.

 Richard Robinson
 Hopestill Farm


 On Sun, 17 Oct 2010 05:47:26 -0600, BarbaraJ wrote:
> Due to a potential change here, we are selling our high tunnel, anyone know
> where the best place to advertise might be?  It's not like there are tons of
> folks market farming out there!  I'm on Craig's List already.  Thank you!
> Barb
> Mountain View Meadows Farm

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