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Leigh Hauter bullrunfarm at hughes.net
Thu Oct 14 10:06:03 EDT 2010

Hello Wendy,

50 miles west of Dothan?  Do you even have winter down there?  When I 
came back form Vietnam, in November of 1968 I was sent to sit out the 
rest of my time with an ambulance company at Fort Rucker which is 
what? 25 miles north.  I only remember one frost in the two and a 
half winters I spent down there.  (sort of kidding, that one frost 
lasted moist of a month and froze the cooling system of my dodge dart 
which had only water in its leaky radiator).  I also remember the 
huge piles of watermelons on the side of the road in what was the 
early spring selling at 8 for a dollar.  How much do regular icebox 
watermelons go for now?

My experience with hoophouses is almost 900 miles north in northern 
Virginia.  Does your house have roll up sides?  We get really hot 
here. This spriing one of our houses got up to 130 degrees by 11 am 
when one morning we were late rolling up the sides.  But then, on the 
other end, we lost four 96 X 17  houses when the  hoops all bent and 
came tumbling down under last winter's 37 inches of snow.  My message 
is to expect the unexpected.

The Plains, Virginia
(ten miles west of the Manassas (Bull Run) civil war battlefields)

Hello All,

We are just starting out with a 72 x 26 hoophouse. We have lettuce, 
cukes and tomatoes growing at the moment. Does anyone have experience 
with a hoophouse this far south? We are zone 8, about 50 miles west 
of Dothan, Alabama. Crops grown, temperature management (especially 
with multiple crops in the house). We have made it through our second 
summer of market farming and are working to expand our growing 
season. Would also love to hear from anyone else growing in this 
geographical region.

So much to learn and only so many hours in a day.

Thanks for your input,

Wendy's Produce, Kinston, AL
<mailto:info at wendysproduce.com>info at wendysproduce.com
Working to make the old family homestead thrive again.
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