[Market-farming] Hoophouse Experiment Zone 8

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Thu Oct 14 08:10:53 EDT 2010

Hello All,


We are just starting out with a 72 x 26 hoophouse. We have lettuce, cukes
and tomatoes growing at the moment. Does anyone have experience with a
hoophouse this far south? We are zone 8, about 50 miles west of Dothan,
Alabama. Crops grown, temperature management (especially with multiple crops
in the house). We have made it through our second summer of market farming
and are working to expand our growing season. Would also love to hear from
anyone else growing in this geographical region. 


So much to learn and only so many hours in a day.


Thanks for your input,



Wendy's Produce, Kinston, AL

info at wendysproduce.com

Working to make the old family homestead thrive again.


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