[Market-farming] Garden covering

rbuck rbuck at pacifier.com
Sun Oct 10 13:32:32 EDT 2010

Hi folks,


I live in an area that gets 60-100" of rain between early Oct and late June.
My soil is heavy clay loam.  I'd like to be able to get onto my garden with
a tractor in late fall and early spring in order to work the soil but I'm
concerned about compaction and other problems working wet clay.  I had
thought to cover the ground with black polyethylene plastic to divert the
water during the winter but I'm wondering if there are downsides to doing
so.  Would this negatively impact the biota in the soil or cause salt build
up?  Could there be a negative chemical interaction between the soil and
plastic where contact is made?  


Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.


Best regards,



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