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Like everyone else, I'm anxious to hear solid information on CCD. This just
confounds the problem. I find the conflict of interest to be a serious
compromise. Lovely theory if you don't know that there is a conflict of
interest in the research team. 

Anecdotally, I have used imidacloprid as a control agent in grapes. When the
fruit are getting ripe, yellow jackets can become a big problem. They feed
on berries, creating wounds that let rot organisms in. They also sting
people harvesting the fruit. I noticed after using the imidacloprid a couple
of times, that the yellow jackets don't return. My theory was that they were
taking it back to the hive and poisoning the whole hive. Yellow jackets and
honeybees are close relatives. I think there is a lot of research that still
needs to be done on CCD, but I really want the role of imidacloprid
thoroughly studied before I'll be confident in the results.

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Thanks for posting this, Leigh. I can't believe how totally most 
people have swallowed the NYTimes story...most just reading the 
headline, of course. Thanks again -Allan in WV

>Well,well well... look at this.  Just as I finished writing my last 
>e-mail this came in.  Here's an article from CNN/Forbes
>"What a scientist didn't tell the New York Times about his study on 
>bee deaths"
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