[Market-farming] one of the problems with reporting on scientific issues NYTimes.com

Leigh Hauter bullrunfarm at hughes.net
Sun Oct 10 21:29:03 EDT 2010


Maybe I'm misreading the nyt article but I noticed when a reporter 
friend forwarded the article to me last Friday that besides the long 
out take on how the reporter finds it interesting that the military 
and private researchers are working together, that the article 
actually doesn't say the virus and the fungus cause ccd.  (forget 
what the headline says,  reporters don't write their own headlines 
and quite often headline writers don't even understand the gist of 
what the reporter is saying).  The article only goes so far to say 
that in cases of ccd the virus and fungus pairing are often found in 
the bodies of the dead bees.  This doesn't mean, by a long shot, that 
those two things cause ccd.  It's much the same as jumping to the 
conclusion in cases of people dying after receiving a bullet wound 
that because the dead's body always contained a specific bacteria and 
a specific virus that gun shots are caused by the two.

Something else could be the causing ccd.  Many European countries are 
banning neonicotinoid  type pesticides particularly imidacloprid 
because it too has a  connection with ccd. In this case the European 
research has gone a step further than the research reported in the 
Times, when bees do not come in contact with  imadacloprid or its 
residue, they do not die of ccd.  That still doesn't prove that 
imidacloprid causes ccd, though, but it comes a lot closer.


>An interesting article on honeybee colony collapse disorder.
>The cause might have been found, now for the cure.
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