[Market-farming] fall vegetable transplants

Leslie Moyer unschooler at lrec.org
Sun Oct 10 15:34:41 EDT 2010

  On Mon, 30 Aug 2010 12:28:02 -0500, kathleen timperley wrote:
>>   Does anyone know where I can get fall transplants, like broccoli, to put in
>>   my hoop houses?
This was from a long time ago, but I was looking for something else in 
the archives and came across it.  Due to some other research I'm doing, 
I recently came across some answers to this question, so I thought I'd 
post them for other people in the future.

There are commercially available vegetable transplants available from 
wholesalers.  Most wholesalers like this sell flowers, but some also 
sell some vegetables. These would be places that sell to retail 
nurseries, big-box hardware stores, farm stores, etc.  All of them 
require minimum orders, however some of their minimums aren't too high.  
One near me, for example, has a minimum of only $250.  Another, however, 
is $900. Others are even much higher.

Each of them may have additional requirements for purchasing above and 
beyond the minimum purchase requirements. For example, some may require 
a nursery grower's license from your state (or equivalent). They don't 
want to compete with their customers (retail stores) by selling to their 
customer's potential customers (you) at wholesale prices.

These places ship all over the country, but shipping charges are usually 
lowest if you buy at a place closest to you.  Plant prices are quite 
inexpensive, though still more, of course, than growing from seed 
yourself. You can also find things like strawberry plants at these 
places.  Lots more stuff, too, depending upon how much detective work 
you want to do. Your choices on varieties are often quite limited, 
however.  Some of these wholesalers are "mom & pop" type places that 
will custom-grow, though, so it doesn't hurt to ask.  [Note: if you have 
plant growers at your market, forming a relationship with them to have 
them custom grow for you in the future would be a great idea, too!]

It's difficult for me to give you the names of wholesalers as location 
makes a big difference. But one way to find them is to look at plant 
labels from the local garden centers around you (not the big box stores, 
but the locally-owned spots). Often the wholesaler's name will be on the 
label.  You usually have to order a ways in advance, but not always.

Here are a couple of wholesalers that I know sell vegetable transplants 
because they're in my area--both have been in business a long time:
www.SedanFloral.com - Sedan, KS
www.pittmannursery.com - Magnolia, AR


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