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Some tomato varieties are jointless. That means the stems remain on the plant. Many cherry tomatoes are jointless. I don't grow any large jointless types at the moment so can not recommend any variety. I think Mountain Pride was jointless.  But jointless are a pleasure to pick. You save a lot of time not having to remove stems. After picking a while you get to know by feel just how to remove the fruit without the stem. You sorta twist the fruit at a right or left angle to the stem depending on each fruits orientation. This works 75% of the time on jointed tomatoes... Bob.

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When I pick tomatoes, about half retain their stem. They look great, so I've been leaving them on, but this summer noticed that, as my customers sort through the pile at the stand, the stems are doing damage, poking the skins of their neighbors. Is there any harm in removing the stems that don't come off on their own during harvest?

By the way, I want to recommend Pink Beauty tomatoes. Productive, trouble free, and a perfect slicing tomato.

Thanks, Richard
where it is October 3, still no frost, and still pushing out tomatoes. "Zone 5" is so last century.

 Richard Robinson
 Hopestill Farm

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