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Jay Sleichter jaysleichter at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 1 11:34:47 EDT 2010

I guess the reason I sell by the pound is I don't have the man power at my booth to keep refilling baskets and take money.  I can set out a 20 pound tub of tomatoes and still satisfy my customers.  Usually I am the only one who mans my booth.  I have big plastic bowls, "Shopping Baskets" and they fill them with what they want and come over to the scales and cash drawer to check out.  

It works for me. Maybe next year I can get my kids to help out at the market more regularly.  If they can set out the produce, that would free me up a little.  However, at 9 and 7, they still need help slinging 20-30 pound produce tubs.

I wish I would have increased my tomato production by 50% this year. I probably would have sold all of them too!  However that is probably because 3 of our vendor had their crops wiped out by hail in June.


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