[Market-farming] those pesky tomato stems

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Fri Oct 1 11:16:43 EDT 2010

I remove all stems as I pick and instruct all other pickers to do the  

Jay, I sell by the quart box ($4 a box for 1.5 pounds) but will sell  
by the pound for $3.50 a pound (yes that is a high price because I  
really don't want to sell by the pound but do like to give the  
customers that option). Tomato sales have been very slow this and I  
am so glad I cut back on tomato production by 50% this year of I  
would have had too many tomatoes.

> I always remove my stems because of the same reason.  I always do  
> it when I am picking.  Several times this summer my wife was being  
> helpful and went out and picked tomatoes to help get ready for  
> market.  She didn't do this, because I didn't tell her to.  I had  
> to go back through several hundred pounds and de-stem them all.  I  
> also had to pull out the ones that were "poked".  Not what I was  
> wanting to do at midnight before a 7 am market.
> I sell all my produce by the pound, so the tomatoes get handled  
> alot.  Many vendors at my market put several pounds in a basket and  
> sell them for a price. The customer doesn't get to choose.  They  
> also can only buy what they offer.  I think I pick up more  
> customers and sales because I am willing to sell smaller amounts  
> (one or two tomatoes as opposed to 5-6 in a quart basket.
> How do you sell them, by the pound or by the basket.
> Jay

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