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I always remove my stems because of the same reason.  I always do it when I am picking.  Several times this summer my wife was being helpful and went out and picked tomatoes to help get ready for market.  She didn't do this, because I didn't tell her to.  I had to go back through several hundred pounds and de-stem them all.  I also had to pull out the ones that were "poked".  Not what I was wanting to do at midnight before a 7 am market.  

I sell all my produce by the pound, so the tomatoes get handled alot.  Many vendors at my market put several pounds in a basket and sell them for a price. The customer doesn't get to choose.  They also can only buy what they offer.  I think I pick up more customers and sales because I am willing to sell smaller amounts (one or two tomatoes as opposed to 5-6 in a quart basket.

How do you sell them, by the pound or by the basket. 


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When I pick tomatoes, about half retain their stem. They look great, so I've been leaving them on, but this summer noticed that, as my customers sort through the pile at the stand, the stems are doing damage, poking the skins of their neighbors. Is there any harm in removing the stems that don't come off on their own during harvest?

By the way, I want to recommend Pink Beauty tomatoes. Productive, trouble free, and a perfect slicing tomato.

Thanks, Richard
where it is October 3, still no frost, and still pushing out tomatoes. "Zone 5" is so last century.

 Richard Robinson
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