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I don't know about it's tolerance to powdery mildew, but I second Beth's
recommendation of High Mowing's Success PM straight-neck.  It was a great
producer for us the past two seasons, stored much better than the golden
zucchini I so like and, also, stood up surprisingly well to the heavy
onslaught of squash bugs (hate 'em, hate 'em!- if anybody has great ideas
for effectively dealing with those buggers, organically, I'd love to hear

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> Success, from High Mowing.
> Beth Spaugh
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> Can anyone recommend a straight neck yellow squash, with powdery mildew
> tolerance that is NOT GMO? I have Sunray, which I like, but am looking for
> something to go with, that is equally productive.
> Also looking for a red onion, short day or intermediate. We've tried Red
> Candy Apple, and Southern Belle and we didn't get the size we want.
> Thanks!
> Carla Maness
> Perkins, OK
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