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Ben as you already know we are about to be bombarded by a lot of oppressive food safety laws. This is nothing new its been in the works now for over 10 years. We farmers have been able to hold back these laws but public momentum is working against us. We need to keep raw poop out of our fields there are BMP ways to handle manure. We need to set a good example if we want to keep the public on our side. My fear is not the big guys who already are under a federal food safety microscope its the hobby farmers and those who play at farming who I fear will be the source of the next food illness outbreak. Keeping domestic birds and pets out of the vegetable plantings and applying BMPs is a good start...Bob.
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One of the reasons I will never be certified organic is the sheer stupidity of some of the rules.  If guinea fowl cannot be used because of the tiny ammount of droppings they would leave, then what do organic growers do to exclude wild birds that already deposit droppings in the field?  There is a huge difference in quantity between applying manure for fertility and using a natural method of bug control.  You can't even use manure from animals that recieve adequate veterinary care.  What a bunch of BS (pun intended).   

Ben Wiener

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