[Market-farming] winter damage to greenhouses?

Bill Shoemaker wshoemak at illinois.edu
Fri Oct 30 11:05:06 EDT 2009

I agree with Bob. All greenhouses have a stress failure point with snowload. In upstate NY, I wouldn't trust it much. You might get lucky, but.....

I wonder if it would be possible to reinforce the structure from the inside? You should contact local greenhouse owners to see if they have a useful strategy for that.


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>I have a 28'x48' gothic-roofed greenhouse in the Rochester, NY area...  
>and this is its first winter.  I am planning on going away for a few  
>months, and I remember some horror stories about greenhouse collapses,  
>etc.  -- do you all recommend taking the plastic off (it's pretty old  
>& needs to be replaced anyway) so there's no possibility of collapse  
>under snow load?  I do have quite a bit stored in the greenhouse  
>currently (I have no barn)... so I was wondering, if the gothic roof  
>did indeed shed snow pretty well, I might as well leave up the plastic  
>& keep some tools, bins, etc. inside.  Any thoughts or experiences to  
>share?  Thanks!
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