[Market-farming] winter damage to greenhouses?

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My Gothic arch houses do shed snow better than the quonset shape but the snow only slides to, and piles up at the base. The side walls get squeezed in and that is where most greenhouses fail. Repeated snows have to be removed during the season... Bob.
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Subject: [Market-farming] winter damage to greenhouses?
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I have a 28'x48' gothic-roofed greenhouse in the Rochester, NY area...  
and this is its first winter.  I am planning on going away for a few  
months, and I remember some horror stories about greenhouse collapses,  
etc.  -- do you all recommend taking the plastic off (it's pretty old  
& needs to be replaced anyway) so there's no possibility of collapse  
under snow load?  I do have quite a bit stored in the greenhouse  
currently (I have no barn)... so I was wondering, if the gothic roof  
did indeed shed snow pretty well, I might as well leave up the plastic  
& keep some tools, bins, etc. inside.  Any thoughts or experiences to  
share?  Thanks!
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