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Thu Oct 29 20:13:41 EDT 2009

Thanks for the heads up on that Allan. Turns out they're willing to  
custom sow 128 cell trays, but still require 3 per variety, leaving me  
in the same place I started.

To answer your question regarding soil for the 50's - I'm having to  
use 'non organic' soil mix  from Sun-grow. I use the #2 mix because it  
does not have a fertilizer charge. We are not certified organic and  
have told our customers that sourcing an organic mix locally has been  
difficult. I could do it if I could commit to buying a pallet full but  
then there is a shelf life on the wetting agent in those mixes, so  
that doesn't work. One of my winter tasks is working out a formula for  
mixing up our own seed starting mix.

As to feeding the 50's, I switched to a constant feed program similar  
to what is done in larger greenhouses. Really should be called  
something of a 2/5 feed, feed 2 x week, just water the rest of the  
time. I feed trays still under shelter 50 ppm N each time they're fed  
and outside trays 100 ppm N.  It's been working very well for us. And  
in fact, corrected some nutrition problems I was seeing. I'm using  
water soluble fertilizers like fish emulsions, seaweed, etc.


On Oct 26, 2009, at 7:14 PM, Allan Balliett wrote:

> Harris Seed is a middleman for at least one organic plug dealer in CA
> but watch out: they stiffed us on our entire heirloom tomato order
> this season.
> I almost always pot up 'serious plants' into 2.5 inch pots and put
> them out as serious transplants. But we've never had the luck with
> small plugs that you have had. Stuff never does well in 50's for us,
> it seems. How do you make soil for a 50 or feed the 50's? Thanks
> -Allan in WV
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