[Market-farming] Ohio market farmer cited for washing raw produce

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Yes we have distanced ourselves from nature.  It always amazes me when people ask, why don't you have red or yellow bell peppers.  I have to explain that they turn those colors from green.  I also had someone who was upset because I sold them a "green" pepper plant and it was suppose to be "red".  I ask them how big the peppers were, knowing that they probably were just setting on and I had to explain again.  

How did we get this way?  Sometimes I wish our country would go into a really bad recession and bring us back to our roots. I know who would survive and who wouldn't.  Every day I am thankful I know where my food comes from.

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The basic problem is ignorance. We've distanced ourselves so much from nature, we don't know what it is unless Disney tells us.


>   I know this vendor in the article....get this
>   crap...ODA says the reason for this is because the
>   water could be contaminated!!!!!!!!!!!!  So....we
>   are aloud to irrigate with the same water, drink the
>   same water but not wash our produce with the same
>   water!!!!!!!!!!!  Jackass'!
>   Courtney
>   Herb Thyme
>   Middlefield, Oh
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>   Regards to the list,
>   This is posted on the Farmers Market Management
>   Network, Inc. website
>   http://fmmn.org/2009/07/29/food-safety-at-ohio-farmers-markets/
>   which is "Working cooperatively to enhance Ohio
>   farmers' markets both large and small to create
>   unity, consistency, and sustainability through
>   collaboration and education."
>     Earlier this week it was brought to our attention
>     that a vendor in Lake County [OHIO] was cited by
>     the local board of health for selling "washed"
>     vegetables and greens. The local health department
>     official was enforcing a new interpretation of
>     food safety rules that assumed washing greens with
>     water was "food processing" and a farmer who was
>     not a licensed "processor" washing them was making
>     an "adulterated" (unsafe) product. The following
>     article was brought to our
>     attention: http://wholefoodusa.wordpress.com/2009/07/12/alert-ohio-farm-food-and-health-alert/
>   I thought this was interesting and disturbing, to
>   say the least. Could this be a taste of what is
>   coming, with all the new regulations in the pipeline
>   and a zillion new bureaucrats who are unfamiliar
>   with any type of farming operation? I hope not!
>   Bill Huhman
>   central Ohio
>   Twitter: FarmerBillOhio
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