[Market-farming] Ohio market farmer cited for washing raw produce

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Thu Oct 29 09:23:59 EDT 2009

Regards to the list,

This is posted on the Farmers Market Management Network, Inc. website


which is "Working cooperatively to enhance Ohio farmers’ markets both large
and small to create unity, consistency, and sustainability through
collaboration and education."

Earlier this week it was brought to our attention that a vendor in Lake
County [OHIO] was cited by the local board of health for selling “washed”
vegetables and greens. The local health department official was enforcing a
new interpretation of food safety rules that assumed washing greens with
water was “food processing” and a farmer who was not a licensed “processor”
washing them was making an “adulterated” (unsafe) product. The following
article was brought to our attention:

I thought this was interesting and disturbing, to say the least. Could this
be a taste of what is coming, with all the new regulations in the pipeline
and a zillion new bureaucrats who are unfamiliar with any type of farming
operation? I hope not!

Bill Huhman
central Ohio
Twitter: FarmerBillOhio
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