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Not knowing the ins and outs of transplants (shipping, etc.), you could call Hemdale Greenhouses at 585-526-1022 near Geneva, NY.  I know they grow organic crops, but don't know if they sell transplants.

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Hi Folks,

Thank you for all the great replies on salad mix harvesting. We've  
stopped planting mix now and switched back to our own lettuce plug  
production which we'll continue well into next May. FWIW, we start our  
lettuce in 84 cell plugs and do not harden off before we transplant  
out under a low tunnel. We do that nearly year round (not in summer).  
We found very little loss by skipping the hardening step especially if  
we keep an eye on temperature.

Meanwhile, we're struggling to produce enough vegetable (and flower  
and herb) plugs ourselves as we expand our production on our farm.  
I've been looking into buying vegetable plugs and it seems like the  
only certified organic plug producer I've found so far (Plug  
Connections)  only sells 288 size trays for vegetables. I have 288  
size plug trays. That's a really small plug. I'm thinking I would then  
have to bring the tray in, immediately up-pot to a 50 cell or so size  
tray and grow it out for longer before it was large enough to plant  
out (tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, etc).

Does anyone have an advice in this regard? 288 cell size trays don't  
solve my problem, they make it worse since I don't have a greenhouse  
yet. One 288 cell tray will translate into 5-6, 50 cell trays. Is  
anyone else bringing in plugs trays like this? And if so, what do you?


North Central Texas where it's raining, again. zones 8 & 7b 
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